• Universal and transparent lubricant.
  • PTFE grains produce a ball-bearing effect.
  • Unique lubrication at both low and high temperatures (-50°C to 250°C).
  • Strong penetrating capacity, even penetrates rust.
  • Extends lubrication intervals.
  • Salt, water and weather resistant.
  • Does not attack rubber, lacquer or synthetic material.
  • Does not attract impurities or dust.
  • Free of silicones.
  • Resists heavy loads and is suitable for fine mechanisms.


  • A white-transparent lubricant, based on high quality mineral oil and round micron PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluorine Ethylene) grins, which fill the lubrication film and have a ball-bearing effect with a good adhesion. PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction of all solid materials.
  • Assures a professional and unique lubrication at high (250°C) and at low (-50°C) temperatures.
  • Does not dry out, melt or freeze, has high water-resistant qualities, has a strong penetrating capacity, even in rust and loosens up fixed parts.
  • Is neutral, protective and anticorrosive, prevents wear and is both suitable for heavy loads and fine mechanisms.
  • Has a neutral PH-value and does not attack synthetic materials, metals or rubbers.
  • Decreases lubrication intervals thanks to its durable and remarkable lubrication performances.

Why use Nova PTFE Oil?


  • cars, motorbikes, bicycles, agricultural mechanics, navigation, transport,…: lubricating open chains, conductors and hinges, window and door mechanisms, chair rails, aerials, locks, conductors for open roofs, pneumatic hatches, container doors, excavators, cranes, sliding from ships, swivel pins,…
  • appropriate for metal as well as plastic/plastic lubrications or combinations of these.



  • for the efficient, longer and energy-saving operation of all moving parts, such as: conveyor belts and rails, electric pumps, cables, gear wheels, chains, rotary geared pumps, (axial) plunger pumps, (role) bearings, lift mechanisms, winches, rollers, wrapping machines, mills, Teflon chain belts, turning and milling machines, lawn mower, precision parts, loom machines, punching and stamping machines, sewing machines, scaffolding, sliding windows, spindles, jibs, mortar mixer, valves, coupling nuts, axles, weapons, mortars, installations in wood, metal and synthetic material industry, printers, mining industry, horticulture, aerospace industry,…

Technical Description

  • Composition: high quality mineral oil and 5-microns PTFE-grains; contains EP (Extreme Pressure)-additives and anticorrosive and water-resistant components, contains no silicone.
  • Viscosity: a little thixotrope.
  • Colour: transparent/ white.
  • Application temperature: -50°C to 250°C.
  • 4 Ball EP-Test (ASTM D 25%): 350 kg.
  • 4 Ball Wear-Test (ASTM D 2266): < 0,4 mm.
  • pH: neutral.
  • Chemical resistance: resists to salt, aggressive vapours, sea air and weather influences; resists to weak acids and caustic solutions.
  • Shelf life: 120 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
  • Specific technical information for each packaging: please consult the safety data sheet