• Connecting, soldering, insulating and sealing.
  • Connects both flexible and rigid conductors.
  • Can be installed quickly and easily with Novaflame Multi Torch.
  • Provides absolutely waterproof connections.
  • Transparent insulation allows visual control of the connection.
  • Resistant to temperatures from -60°C to +130°C.
  • Unique composition.


  • Consist of a heat-shrinkable polymeric sleeve containing two solder rings with an incorporated flux and two thermoplastic sealing rings.
  • Has been developed especially for making electrical connections, which require high quality, reliability, long life span and water tightness.
  • Very easy to install, the quality of the connection can be visually checked and it requires no special tools.
  • Comes in four sizes, coded by the international colour code system and suitable for the most frequent cable diameters.
  • Can be applied on both twisted (flexible) and solid (rigid) conductors, suitable for copper as well as tinned wires, whether combined or not.  The shrinkable sheat ensures high insulation, is  flameretardant and  remains flexible. The tin-lead solder ring with incorporated flux guarantees a perfectly smooth flow and a solid connection with no voltage loss. The thermoplastic adhesive sealing ring seals the connection completely.

Why use DUOFLUX?

  • garages and car body workshops
  • installation of car radios and alarm systems
  • installation of towing hooks
  • truck and bus construction
  • earth moving equipment
  • agriculture contractors, farmers
  • sign posting, neon signs
  • horticulture and exterior lighting
  • electrical installation and maintenance services
  • pleasure aircrafts
  • repair of tools and machines
  • building industry
  • industrial maintenance service
  • ship building and ship repair
  • pleasure crafts and outboard motors
  • motorcycles
  • amusement parks

Technical Description

  • External wall: radiation cross-linked modified polyolefin.
  • Solder rings: 2 rings Cd 18, Sn 51, pb 32 % with activated flux.
  • Sealing rings: thermally stabilized thermoplastic.
  • Voltage loss: < 0,002 V.
  • Connection resistance: < 0,004 Ohm.
  • Insulation resistance: > 109 Ohm.
  • Installation temperature: 143°C.
  • Temperature resistance: -60°C to +130°C.
  • Breakdown voltage: > 600V.
  • Degree of protection against humidity: IP 68, stays usable in water.