• Can be applied on moist surfaces, even under water.
  • Always the correct mixture: cutting off, kneading and ready for use.
  • For a fast repair of cracks, holes, leaks,….
  • To fill surface damages.
  • Unique adherence to ferrous and most non-ferrous metals, but also to wood, glass, concrete, ceramic surfaces and most plastics.
  • Hardened Nova Wet Stick can be drilled, sanded, tapped and painted.
  • Pressure-resistant to 75 N/mm².
  • Very good chemical resistance to oil, alcohol, fuels, esters, acids and most chemical influences.
  • Fast curing.


Nova Wet Stick is a ceramic-filled epoxy resin, ideal for fast repairs, even under water. Adheres to most surfaces, like metal, hard plastic, wood, glass, stone,… Hardened Nova Wet Stick can be drilled, sanded, tapped and painted. After curing Nova Wet Stick is very good chemical resistant and electric insulating.

Why use Nova Wet Stick?

Sealing of leaks, cracks, holes,… in:

  • water tanks, drain pipes, pleasure boats, roof gutters
  • petrol tanks
  • radiators of buildings, vehicles, machines,…
  • electric switchboards
  • sanitary installations
  • swimming pools

Filling of unevennesses:

  • for repair of wood carving and others
  • aesthetic repair: windows, doors and furniture

Technical Description

  • Composition: epoxy resins and ceramic powder.
  • Viscosity: solid paste.
  • Color after hardening: white/beige.
  • Working time: 30 minutes.
  • Curing time: 60 minutes. Important: high temperatures accelerate the curing time; low temperatures slow down the curing time.
  • Chemical resistance: complete after 24 hours; against a.o. alcohol, esters, salt water, oils, most acids and lyes (see chemical resistance list).
  • Temperature resistance: from -50°C to +120°C; shortly to +150°C.
  • Tensile strength (DIN 53283): 6.2 N/mm².
  • Pressure resistance (DIN 53281-83): 75 N/mm².
  • Shore hardness D: 65.
  • Electric resistance (ASTM D257): 5-10″ ft/cm.
  • Dielectric resistance (ASTM D149): 3.0 KV/mm.
  • Shelf life: 18 months, keep dry, cool and frost-free.
  • Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.