High Tech Tape (HTT) - Double Sided Bonding Tape

high tech tapeApplication.

  • Bonds stainless steel, copper, glass, lacquer, wood aluminum, etc.
  • Bond of spoilers, decorative covers on side mirrors, number plates, etc.
  • Bond name plates on walls, doors, etc.

Technical Description.

  • Double sided tape.
  • 0.8cm thickness.
  • Temperature resistance: For 4 hours 150ºC.
  • For 200 hours to 90ºC.
  • High tensile strengh 8.2kg/cm².
  • UV resistant: OK.
  • After 20 min: 30% strength, after 24 hours: 60% strength and after 72 hours: 100%
  • Available in 6mm,12mm, 19mm and 25mm sizes.

 high tech tape


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