Foodlube (FLB) - Food Grade Lubricants

foodlube, foodlube htApplication

  • As mounting paste – for bolts, nuts, press fits, lathe  spindle, threaded rods, bushing.
  • As lubricating paste – for conveyor chains, rolls, hinges, valve and locking gears of filling installation, bearing, cables, spindles.
  • As corrosion protector – On light metals and stainless steel parts, to prevents galvanization and corrosion, protect against friction corrosion and deposit of salt.

Technical Description

  • Food grade lubricants.
  • High temperature resistance -40ºC to 1200ºC.
  • Dropping point > 250ºC.
  • Neutral taste and odorless.
  • Available in aerosol and grease.