Oxi Remover (OXI) - Biodegradable Rust Remover

oxi removerApplication

  • Can be used outside as well as inside
  • To remove rust stains (metal oxide) on all surfaces such as stone, concrete, wood, metal, textile.
  • Can removes oxidation on silver, lead, copper, iron.
  • On roof: copper, zinc and lead oxide, on roof tiles and other roof covering.
  • Removes rust from tools, metal instruments.
  • After removing rust it is of course advisable to protect this surface preventively.
  • Even safe to use on natural stone, bluestone even on cobble stones and granite.

Technical Descrption

  • Is biodegrable, dissolves in water.
  • Colour:colourless till light rose
  • Boiling point 100°C and pH 9.5.
  • Safe on sensitive surfaces.
  • Does not contain acids.


oxi remover oxi remover