Novalec S (NLC) - Non Chlorinated Solvents Cleaner

novalec-s, nlcNOVELEC-S

  • Is a specially formulated contact and surface cleaner which does not contain any chlori-nated solvents, but which has a simular action as chlorinated solvents.
  • NOVELEC-S is non-fl ammable, including the applied propellant. NOVELEC-S cleans powerfully within seconds and leaves a pure, instantly dry surface.
  • NOVELEC-S is safe to use on electric and electronic contacts - even under voltage.
  • NOVELEC-S doesn’t cause any corrosion on contacts or components.
  • NOVELEC-S should be tested before use - could attack some synthetic materials or painted surfaces.


Form : 360° jet spray aerosol Density : +/- 1.32 kg/dm³
Colour : bright, transparent liquid Breakdown voltage : +/- 22.6 kV


  • Cleans and degreases electrical contacts, printed circuits, high-voltage insulators, machines, etc.

Technical description

  • Colour transparent liquid.
  • 360° jet spray aerosol.
  • Breakdown voltage:+/- 22.6 kV.