Seal & Bond MS 50 (MS50) - Universal sealant

seal and bond ms 50Application

  • Universal sealant, able to bond metal, wood, glass, copper, aluminium, PVC, etc.
  • Building
    • Bonding of isolation, even on wet surface.
    • As mounting adhesive for bonding of skirting boards, lathing  sidings, eaves, laths, on brick, gyproc, cellular concrete, Ytong, concrete, mortar.
    • As sealant for both wet and difficult surfaces. Does not attack natural stone like marble.
    • Windows and verandas: bonding of glass in synthetic and aluminium profiles, bonding of adhering pieces and corner pieces in production of windows.
  • Car Body & Garage
    • Bonding of car body parts, spoilers and extension  kit.
    • Joint sealant: sealing of welded and sheet metal work joint.
    • Sealing of water leaks.


Technical Description.

  • Can be used on wet or dry surface.
  • Anti-fungal & bactericidal,UV resistant.
  • Modified silicon.
  • Can used in the foodstuffs-related sector.
  • Flow: 5 bar / 3mm / 23ºC.
  • Tensile strength 250N/cm².
  • Tear strength 100N/cm².
  • Thermal stability -40ºC till 90ºC. Very short till 200ºC
  • Elasticity 450%
  • Note: Smooth joint with Novatio Safety Clean.

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