Megaplast MM (MMM) - Chemical Anchoring Adhesive

- Repair of hard and flexible synthetic materials with fast curing time.
- Repairs quickly ABS, SMC, PVC, HPL, melamine, wood, glass, stone.
- Ideal for chemical anchoring in Gyros, cellular concrete, bricks, Ytong, concrete, stonewood,etc.
- For repair and bonding of hard and flexible, fibre-filled or not, synthetic materials.               

Technical Description
- Melts synthetic material literally together.
- No need to mix manually.
- Temperature resistance up to 150ºC. 200ºC -  20 minutes.
- Tensile strength: 60 N/mm².
- Shear strength: 24 N/mm².
- Impact strength: < 20KJ/m².
- Can be painted